Sample Text: Asteroids Report

Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters of an Asteroids report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Viniita Hutchinson. The printed reports are nicely formatted and output on 8 1/2" x 11" paper on a laser printer, and are sent in an attractive, heavy-stock "Profile" cover. Here are some excerpts:


Astrology is an ancient science and art that has been in use for centuries. The planets are named after the Mediterranean gods of ancient Rome and Greece. This illustrates the awareness possessed by our ancestors of the synchronicity between the activation of life's archetypal energies and the movements of heavenly bodies that seem to measure the timing of these events...

The astrological portraits of the asteroids and Chiron have emerged through the observations of fascinated astrologers over the last century. This report informs you of their symbolic meaning and gives you insight into how they operate in your own horoscope.


The astronomical body, Chiron (once thought to be a comet or asteroid, now considered a "planetoid" or small planet-like body), is named after the ancient Greek, centaur demi-god who was horse from the waist down and human from the waist up. Chiron's orbit, unlike that of the asteroids, lies between Saturn and Uranus, and is irregular in that it occasionally crosses inside the orbit of Saturn. This astronomical characteristic is symbolic of Chiron's reputation for being somewhat of a maverick...

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...Astrologically, Chiron's placement in the horoscope indicates one's experience of the wound that does not heal, (or the wound that does not seem to heal, because although an important lesson may be learned through dealing with it, the wound seems to spirals around with another lesson on a deeper level). Chiron represents one's experience of woundedness, and the nature of the wound through which, (by coming to terms with the suffering through an acceptance of one's mortality) one arrives at a greater state of wholeness or healing, and comes into one's own as an elder or mentor who can provide healing and guidance to others. Thus Chiron also astrologically indicates the ways and means with which you can guide others, as well as the kind of mentoring and healing you seek for yourself.

Ceres in Your Chart
Your Ceres Sign Position
With Ceres in Libra, nurturance is expressed through the sharing of one's sense of idealism, beauty, and goodness, and is associated with learning how to relate harmoniously with others. There is a gentle prodding to learn to see things from other people's perspectives, with a point of view to fairness and justice. The nurturing experience may also be associated with an appreciation for music and the arts. Lack of this kind of nurturance could be a source of grief, through which you learn how develop these qualities for yourself and, thus, to encourage them in others. On the other hand, an upbringing that placed too much of an emphasis on pleasing others and maintaining an atmosphere of harmony can lead to an insecure need for acceptance from others. Loss of a partner, or of artistic inspiration could serve as a transformative experience for you, one that initiates you into the lessons of loss and return, death and rebirth, and simply letting go...

Juno in Your Chart
Your Juno House Position
Juno in the second house indicates that you derive a sense of self-worth through being in a committed relationship. You may associate your mate with financial and material security. Sharing the responsibility for these matters is important in order for your relationship to be healthy. There could be issues around who provides and who is provided for, or perhaps one partner treats the other more like a coveted possession than a simple human being with needs for love and affection. Issues regarding possessions and material resources are likely to be a major focus in your relationship. The qualities described by Juno's sign position (above) indicate the manner in which you can best deal with these issues...

Pallas Athena in Your Chart
Your Pallas Athena in Aspect to Other Planets
The asteroid Pallas Athena forms a challenging aspect with the Moon. The need for cultural refinement, achievement and social awareness combines with your natural emotional and instinctive needs in such a way that these two aspects of yourself seem to be at odds with each other. You may feel a conflict between mothering and career needs, or between emotional needs and mental/creative interests. You may experience strong emotional reactions to non-traditional gender, cultural, or political rights issues (whether for or against such activities). These reactions may come from yourself or from anima or mother figures. The challenge is to learn to see that both the need for cultural achievement or practical creative expression and the need for emotional comfort can and do co-exist within yourself (and in others). These needs are not mutually exclusive and you may need to find ways to meet them both, and to avoid the natural tendency to unconsciously repress or project one of them out onto others.

The asteroid Pallas Athena forms a harmonious aspect with Mars. The need for mental challenge and creative or cultural expression combines with your fighting spirit and warrior skills in a harmonious manner. Your ability to mentally or creatively express yourself in the outer world is supported by your boldness, your adventurousness, and your confident, assertive manner. You may support an oppressed group through your fighting spirit, courageous action, or through a remarkably persuasive sales technique. Your creativity may express masculine themes or be put to the service of men's issues. Your sense of honor may be highly developed...