Will you be ready when opportunity knocks?

One of the most common questions asked of professional astrologers concerns vocation: What career should I pursue? Why am I not happy in my present job? Why do I feel like I am missing out in life? All of these questions are addressed in Opportunities.

Throughout the report, progressions and transits show the current influences on career and personal expression. Stephanie recommends the use of solar arc directions, but progressions can be used as well.

Sections of the report cover:
  • Your Ascendant - basic indicator of how you interact with the world
  • Your creative touch and its role in career
  • How you work best - your psychological strengths and your personal interactive style
  • Saturn and Mars as vocational indicators - where hard work will have the best results, and how you tend to apply your energy to that work.
  • Career success - how your reputation is built through work
  • The best work environment for you - the place and the people
  • Financial considerations and self esteem
  • Career or mission - a look at heliocentric indicators of your higher purpose


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